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Who Are We?

LGBT Bedfordshire is a registered Community Interest Company. We exist for the enhancement and development of our community and do not profit from the work we do.

We are proudly black owned and therefore have a special interest in intersectional development and LGBTQ+ People of Colour (PoC) as well as the wider community. We have six key objectives;

A safe space and directory for LGBT+ people and their families

A programme of skills courses and employability training for LGBT+ people (and service users)

Social and activity groups that deviate from the traditional, associated 'scenes'

Training packages and best practice guidance for employers, educators and faith organisations

Befriending service and companionship - including LGBT+ people who are elderly or disabled

Information service including sexual health, HIV, mental health and wellbeing

Who are we?: What We Do

Ashley Spiers

Director - LGBT Bedfordshire

Ashley has been an educator for 20 years and now specialises in equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion. He has lectured in and around Bedfordshire for many years and is attracted to the diverse and unique characteristics of the county, where he happily resides with his partner. An award-winning inclusion champion, Ashley participated in the Black Leadership Project and has worked alongside Bedfordshire Police, Stonewall and numerous other LGBT+ rights organisations. Alongside his LGBT+ work he specialises in training, safeguarding, wellbeing and intersectional issues.

Who are we?: About Us
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Our Team

We have a panel of members who operate and make decisions about LGBT Bedfordshire. These people are passionate about LGBTQ+ inclusion, social justice and fairness more broadly.

Our team is culturally diverse to represent the wonderful diversity of Bedfordshire. We are proudly trans-inclusive, and will not tolerate any sentiment that opposes equality for all people. There is no LGB without the T. 

Who are we?: Welcome
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